10 May

I’m sorry to be a buzzkill, but if you really believe that including me on your e-mail prayer chain about ending cancer will help the cause (because you know how much I love prayin’, and how seemingly good at it I am, since my exclusion from the activity will somehow break the chain, thereby continuing the vicious worldwide battle with the disease – in all of its forms,) then could you please do me the simple favor of sending it in the form of a blind carbon copy so that the other 35 people on the distribution list don’t automatically wind up in my address book, or me in theirs? Or worse, so that when the three or four others that also don’t know about proper e-mail etiquette inevitably reply-all I don’t have to sift through the barrage of e-mails from them?


Oh yeah. Dear Jeebus, Please end all of this cancer business. Amen.


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